Past Events

Central Bank Digital Currencies Cbdc And The Digital Euro Information Session And Networking Event

Central Bank Digital Currencies Cbdc And The Digital Euro Information Session And Networking Event

Prospective attendees are invited to delve into the future of finance at an exclusive event centered around Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and the Digital Euro. This gathering promises a thorough exploration of CBDCs, uncovering their fundamental concepts, technological innovations, and regulatory considerations.

empowering adoption

The role of Standards in Empowering the Adoption of Distribute Ledger Technologies: Blockchain

We are thrilled to invite you to an exciting event organized by the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation (CYS), University of Nicosia (Institute of the Future and Department of Digital Innovation), and the Cyprus Blockchain Technologies (CyBT).


Technology in Action Conference & Exhibition

The "T.I.A - Technology-In-Action" conference and exhibition consists of a series of presentations by companies active in the Cypriot market as well as abroad. Each company is invited to present a practical application of technology that can be directly leveraged by retail stores, sales, purchasing, production, warehousing, distribution, human resources and data analytics departments.

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B.R.E.W 2022 Blockchain Rounds Exhibitions and Workshops

The annual B.R.E.W conference agenda will present a series of expert keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies. Exploring the key industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including; legal sectors, retail, financial services, government and more.


BCT4SMEs - High level knowledge awareness of BlockChain Technology applications in SMEs

The BCT4SMEs conference aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises face technological or digital challenges by providing a learning tool. The program is funded by the EU's Erasmus+. The tool aims to be widely accessible online and to identify possible actions based on users' needs and abilities. Through an additional recognition system, the BCT4SMEs conference seeks to empower SMEs and lead them to greater growth and success.

blockchain forum

The Cyprus-China Blockchain Forum

The Cyprus-China Blockchain Forum stands as a groundbreaking initiative, poised at the forefront of technological innovation, financial evolution, and international cooperation.

The forum aims to create a space where professionals can connect, exchange ideas, and share their experiences.