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CyBT emerges as an answer to this demand by providing a platform on which communication and consultation between governments, leading Blockchain and DLT associations, and the broader community on our island enables all parties involved to understand better the interests and concerns of other stakeholders and the impact of blockchain technology more broadly by transcending potential national obstructions by participating and benefiting from adopting the borderless nature of the blockchain itself.

Consequently, through efforts such as CyBT’s: innovators and companies are encouraged and expected to share information regarding the outcomes of pilots, regulatory structures, and other activities related to the broad range of applications of DLT towards a fundamentally globalized transformed economy.


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A blockchain-based digital economy facilitating the emergence of a truly collaborative global economy highlights the need for a collaborative multi-stakeholder and international approach to developing a legal approach that protects the rights of citizens across countries without stifling innovation.

Furthermore, it is of critical importance to ensure that global technological innovations such as blockchain on a large scale will be harnessed for the advancement of human rights and will lead to sustainable development, rather than contributing to amplifying national inequalities or aggravating environmental issues.

The joint strategies CyBT plans to deliver will openly support government policymakers and influential private sector players alike to implement and endorse proposed standards dealing specifically with these pressing issues that are global in scope, and can effectively ensure an advance in the right direction.


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We unite Cyprus’ community of blockchain stakeholders from all industries and sectors, irrespective of size and power.

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