Ms. Egli holds a bachelors degree and an MSc from Durham University  in Management studies. She earned her degrees between 2014-2018 and over the years she was got involved in various entrepreneurial projects based on, technology, sustainability and supply chain. In the past also she has also won multiple awards in recognition of her leadership abilities and innovative initiatives. In 2016 she was nominated by the Faculty of Business and Law ‘the Student Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. She was also a winning finalist for the Young Enterprise Award supported by the Department of International Trade UK. She was also selected to represent her university in the FLUX5000 national finals. In 2015 she had the opportunity to participate in a sustainability project by Intel technologies ‘Saving the bees with big data and RFID tags’.  She is passionate about bringing new innovative solutions and a tech enthusiast, promoting blockchain principles in various sectors. Her experience ranges from integrating operations across companies to managing new innovative solutions in Digital Transformation.

Egli is currently leading the business development in Electi Consulting Cyprus, where she is responsible for growing the company’s operations. She is also assistant to the managing director of Cyprus Blockchain Technologies, the first not-for-profit think-tank in Cyprus which strives to promote Blockchain technology