Cyprus Blockchain Technologies

A private, not-for-profit, autonomous ThinkTank that was founded to unite Cyprus' community of blockchain stakeholders from all industries and sectors.

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Our Partners

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Who we are

The Cyprus Blockchain Technologies (CyBT) Ltd. is a private, not-for-profit, autonomous ThinkTank (hereafter The ThinkTank) which was founded to unite Cyprus' community of blockchain stakeholders from all industries and sectors, irrespective of size and power to influence, such as academic, financial, auditing, management, consulting, technology, as well as associations, companies, and individuals with similar interests.

Cyprus Blockchain Technologies began its operations in early 2017. Its first founding members were the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM), the Bank of Cyprus, and the Hellenic Bank. Most recently, Think-and-Do Tank merged with the Cyprus Blockchain Association and became Cyprus' most prominent think tank.

What we offer


We help communities and organisations to gain knowledge around Blockchain and DLT.


We focus on blockchain applications in two sectors; financial services & legal/regulatory.


We are always open to connect enterprises and individuals with our think tank members.


We regularly organise trainings, executive seminars, and conferences on blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).


Our Vision & Mission

Our vision for Cyprus Blockchain Technologies is to increase awareness and drive societal change for the betterment of humanity through innovative emerging technologies with a special focus on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and Blockchain. and establish Cyprus on the global map as a premier technology hub.

The center's mission is to support and accelerate the real-life application of Blockchain in use cases that will help both the private and public sectors of Cyprus, its government, and citizens reap the benefits of, transform and thrive using these growing emerging technologies.


Blockchain Rounds Exhibitions & Workshops (B.R.E.W.) are our conferences that focus on collectively shaping and sharing the benefits of blockchain technology through creating new connections with established market partners and applying general practices that have emerged from the successful implementation of blockchain. The various use cases of blockchain can be optimized for each individual in our country and contribute significantly to the future of the global blockchain ecosystem.

Management & Operations

  • Theodosis Mourouzis
    Theodosis Mourouzis
    Managing Director
  • Egli Papadopoulou
    Egli Papadopoulou
    Business Development & Event Organizer

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Andreas Assiotis 
    Dr. Andreas Assiotis 
    Chairman of the Board
  • Alexandros Constantinou
    Alexandros Constantinou
    Board Member
  • Dr. Paolo Tasca
    Dr. Paolo Tasca
    Board Member
  • Andri Michael
    Andri Michael
    Board Member
  • Dr. Soulla Louca
    Dr. Soulla Louca
    Board Member
  • Alexis Nicolaou
    Alexis Nicolaou
    Board Member
  • Gerasimos Ntouskas
    Gerasimos Ntouskas
    Board Member
  • Evdokios Pieri
    Evdokios Pieri
    Board Member (EY)
  • Kevin Mudd
    Kevin Mudd
    Board Member
  • Panayiotis A. Koussis
    Panayiotis A. Koussis
    Board Member
  • Loizos Loizou
    Loizos Loizou
    Board Member
  • Thrasos Thrasyvoulou
    Thrasos Thrasyvoulou
    Managing Partner
  • Minos Georgakis
    Minos Georgakis
    Board Member
  • Andreas Theodosiou
    Andreas Theodosiou
    Board Member
  • Christiana Aristidou
    Christiana Aristidou
    Board Member
  • Evdokia Pitsillidou
    Evdokia Pitsillidou
    Board Member
  • Nate Tuganov
    Nate Tuganov
    Board Member
  • Demetris Papallis
    Demetris Papallis
    Board Member
  • Nicodemos Damianou
    Nicodemos Damianou
    Board Member

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We unite Cyprus’ community of blockchain stakeholders from all industries and sectors, irrespective of size and power.